Indonesian Restaurant Singapore Now Serves Javanese Cuisine

Pondok Jawa Timur serves authentic Javanese Cuisine. We are one of the few Indonesian restaurants in Singapore that has a passion for Javanese food, we love these dishes so much that they are the feature for our restaurant. Many of our customers that enjoy our food has ask a lot of questions in regards to this cuisine. Now we are going to give you more insights about this beautiful cuisine.

Javanese cuisine is the food for Javanese people, Javanese is a major ethic group in Indonesia, particularly in the province of Yogyakarta, Central Java and East Java. The cuisine of Sumatra is well known for its spiciness with distinct Arabic and Indian influences, Javanese cuisine is more locally developed and distinguished for its simplicity. Nonetheless, some of Javanese dishes have foreign influences, most notably Chinese.

Some Indonesians identifies Javanese cuisine as rather sweet compared to other Indonesian dishes, because of the generous amount of palm sugar (gula jawa) or sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) are key ingredients favoured by the Javanese people. Javanese food is categorised into Central and East; both serving simple and non-spicy food, though Central Javanese food is tends to be much sweeter than the East

In a nut shell, Javanese cuisine is also referred to the cuisine of the people of Java Island, Indonesia; which also include Sundanese in West Java, Betawi people in Jakarta and Madurese on Madura Island off East Java. These multiple ethnic groups have their own distinctive cuisines.

Pondok Jawa timur chooses and find the best dishes from all across different parts of Java Island. The next time you visit us, please do try our signature grilled chicken satay. We uses the freshest ingredients and authentic local spices to create the tastiest Javanese food for you.

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