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Sate Ayam 5 Sticks $9.50
Grilled Chicken Skewers served with Special Peanut Sauce

Ayam Penyet $6.90
Tempeh and Sambal Belacan Traditional Smashed Fried Chicken served with Fried Tofu

Ayam Bakar Kecap $8.50
Grilled Chicken with Indonesian Sweet Sauce

Ayam Kare
Chicken Curry

Rendang Jawa Timur $8.90
Beef Simmered in Coconut Milk and Spices


Sop Buntut $13.90
Oxtail Soup

Soto Ayam $7.50
Tumeric Soup with Shredded Chicken, boiled egg and vegetables

Soto Madura
Maduranese Beef Soup

Rawon $7.50
Dark Beef Soup


Pecel lele $8.50
Fried Crispy Cat served with Sambal Belacan

Ikan Nila Goreng $16.90
Fried Tilapia Fish

Gulai Kelapa Ikan $32.90
Authentic Curry Fish Head

Ikan Belado $9.90
Fried Fish Slathered in Crushed Hot Chillies

Ikan Asam $9.90
Fish Cooked in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Udang Pete Belado $13.90
Stir-fry Prawn and Pete Slathered in Crushed Hot Chillies

Cumi Belado $12.90
Stir-fry Squid Slathered in Crushed Hot Chillies

Rice Platters

Nasi Kuning Komplit $11.00
Yellow Rice served with Fried Chicken, Beef Rendang, Perkedel, Fried Sambal Potato, and Shredded Egg

Nasi Campur Surabaya $8.90
White rice served with Chicken Curry, Sayur Lodeh, Fried
Sambal Potato and Telor Belado

Nasi Uduk $8.50
White rice served with Fried Chicken, Stir-fried Long Beans with Tempeh, Omellette and Sambal Anchovy with Nuts

Nasi Rendang Pecel Kediri $8.90
White Rice served with Beef Rendang, our special salad with spiced nutty sauce and homemade cracker

Rice & Noodles

Nasi Kuning $1.50
Tumeric Infused Rice

Nasi Putih $1.00
White Rice

Nasi Hijau $1.50
Pandan Infused Rice

Lontong/Ketupat $1.50

Mie Goreng Jawa $7.90
Javanese Fried Noodle served with Shredded Fried Chicken

Nasi Goreng Jawa $7.90
Javanese Fried Rice served with Shredded Fried Chicken

Mie Soto Ayam $7.50
Chicken Soto with Noodle


Gado Gado $8.50
Mixed Steamed Vegetables in Home-Made Peanut Sauce Dressing

Tahu Telor $8.50
Beancurd Omelette in Home-made Peanut Sauce Dressing

Pecel Kediri $8.90
Mixed Steamed Vegetables in Special Hot Peanut Sauce

Kangkung Belacan
Water Spinach sauteed with Sambal Belacan

Kacang Panjang Cah Tempeh $7.50
Stir Fry Long Beans with Tempeh

Brokoli cah Jamur $8.50
Broccoli sauteed with Mushrooms

Sayur Lodeh $5.90
Variety of Vegetables in Coconut Gravy

Sayur Asem $5.90
Indonesian Sweet and Sour Vegetable Soup

Terong Belado $7.90
Sauteed Eggplant Slathered in Crushed Hot Chillies

Bakwan Jagung $7.90
Home-made Corn Batter with Prawn

Side Dishes

Telor Balado (1 piece) $2.00
Fried Boiled Egg Slatheres with Balado Sauce

Telor Rebus/Mata Sapi $1.50
Boiled Egg/ Sunnny Side up

Telor Dadar
Omellete with onion

Sambal Goreng Kentang Kering/Basah $2.80
Sambal Fried Potato and Tofu (Crispy/Stir Fried)

Kacang Ikan Teri $2.80
Sambal Anchovy with Nuts

Perkedel (1 piece) $1.50
Indonesian Potato Cake

Tempe/Tahu Penyet (3/4 pieces) $2.80
Fried Tempeh/Tofu

Kerupuk $2.00

Cold Drinks

Avocado (served with a dash of Dark syrup) $6.00
Orange $4.00
Soursop $4.00
Carrot $4.00
Apple $4.00
Bottle mineral water $2.00
Teh Botol Sosro $2.20
Coca Cola (regular/ light/ zero) $2.00
Sprite $2.00
Rootbeer $2.00
Green Tea $2.00
Ice Milo $3.50

Hot Drinks

Wedang Jahe $4.50
Ginger Tea
Black tea (Indonesian Tea) $2.00
Milk tea (Indonesian milk tea) $2.50
Milo $3.00
Freshly Brewed Bali Coffee $3.50
Cappuccino $3.90
Latte $3.90
Espresso $3.00

Homemade Specialty Drinks

Es Cendol $4.50
An Indonesian drink made from Rice Flour, served with Coconut Milk, Sugar Palm and Shaved Ice

Es Campur $4.90
A Classic Indonesian Ice Shaved Dessert served with Cendol, Grass Jelly, Young Coconut and Atap Seed

Es Teler $4.90
All time favourite Indonesian mixed ice served with Young Coconut, Jackfruit and Avocado

Es Kelapa Muda $5.50
Pondok’s Home-made Concoction of Fresh Young Coconut

Es Kelapa Muda Gula Jawa $5.50
Young Coconut served with Javanese Syrup

Es Cincau Kolang kaling $3.90
Grass Jelly and Atap Seed and Pondok’s Syrup

Es Cincau Kelapa Muda $4.50
Grass Jelly with Fresh Young Coconut

Es Jeruk Kelapa Muda $5.50
Fresh Orange Juice with Shredded Young Coconut

Es Sirsak $3.50

Es Limau/Jeruk Nipis $3.50
Lime Squash

Es Lemon Tea $2.20

Es Tea $2.00

Es Soda Gembira $3.50
Happy Soda

Es milo $3.50

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